Conference management

Project preparation

Project preparation represents the most important stage of successful event organisation. An ultimately successful event mirrors the efforts engaged into its preparation. With each event hired to organise, “Spektar Putovanja” appoints the Project Manager, who, together with the client, discusses each and every project preparation stage and prepares a timeline plan.

Project preparation stages:


One of the most important tasks within the frame of the project preparation is the selection of the event venue.
We help You to choose a perfect venue: dependent on the scope of the event, the desired destination, its accessibility, physical determinants (number of congress halls, premises capable of accommodating satellite events), season, attractiveness of the location and, last but not least, the earmarked budget.
Our 25 years of professional experience gained at various locations throughout the Republic of Croatia and abroad, represent a firsthand guarantee that the most appropriate venue shall be chosen to host your event.

Another important stage is the website designing.
Our team registers a domain on your behalf and designs the website in line with Your wishes and requests using the latest web-designing technologies. Use the link Chain of Events and see for yourself what some of our websites look like.

After the meeting venue has been picked and the website designed, the next step is to send invitations to the event participants:
via an e-mail; this is followed by the preparation of the 1st and the 2nd Announcement of the event, advertisements in the media, ground mail invitations’ sending, and advertisements appearing on various web-portals.

Online registration & Abstract Submission

Within the frame of its congress management services, “Spektar Putovanja” offers a possibility of a modern online registration.

All applications are delivered and accepted online and entered into a database. The Application Form can either be found on the congress website (and can be designed by our webmaster so as to meet any specific wishes and needs our client may have) or on the client’s website, in which case a prospective participant links to our website while submitting an application. When clicking on our website, the same visual as with the congress website is ensured to be kept.

Application forms are designed in collaboration and by agreement with the client so as to enable the collection of data the client would like to gather on the participants (on top of general data commonly provided with such applications).

Within the stage 1, each user registers, provides personal data and chooses a desired registration fee, accommodation, additional services and other services granted by the congress organiser.
Upon the successful completion of the process, a prospective participant gets an e-mail confirming his/her successful registration.
Each and every datum is entered into a database, so that any given statistical data on any given registration and booking segment can be pulled out in no time upon request.

Based on the client’s wishes and requests, various reports can be compiled and submitted, for instance:
- The list of participants together with any data requested
- Data on registration fees (total amount of fees collected insofar, registration fee options’ breakdown)
- Hotel bookings made insofar, and alike

Following an online registration, the participants get confirmatory e-mails sent to the mail addresses provided on the Application Form.  
Once the payment has been received, the participants are automatically notified thereof; the notification is database-generated.   
In line with the novel trends, we also offer a possibility of online credit card payment.

Online contribution and summary receipt
"Spektar Putovanja" owns the latest original & expert contributions submission system. The database compiled for the event purposes allows the organizers to keep an easy track of the received contributions and enables an easy-to-perform notification of authors on the acceptance of their summaries.
Due to this latest technology of contributions receipt, Abstract Book designing (in form of a hard copy or a CD) becomes a task very easy to perform.

Financial management

We assume the responsibility for the entire financial management of the event. Prior to the event, we join forces with our clients so as to create the event budget and anticipate revenues and costs.

The Project Manager sets fixed and variable costs on Your behalf, easy to track in a fully transparent manner throughout the event preparation and realisation stages.

Once the costs are set, we advise You on the optimal amount of the registration fee.
Financial status reports are provided to You on a daily basis; once the event is wrapped up, we prepare the final report on the pertaining revenues and costs.

Timeline plan and earmarked conference budget are constantly coordinated with the client through the Project Manager. The client is notified of the application & financial status and other event-relevant parameters on a daily basis.

Satellite events

In order to make an event a full success, we provide decorations, floors, hostesses, catering, transfer and pickup buses, organise voting and surveys, and render a number of other services.

An example of a special service You may request:
During the conference lectures, a voting system enabling You to get answers to the questions of Your particular interest can be established. Participants respond to the questions using a voting device.

Our steady collaborators are interpretation professionals. We can provide either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation on the spot. Should a simultaneous interpretation be requested, we shall see to the latest backup equipment.

Preparation of conference materials and signalling marks

Designing and printing of any given conference material, such as:
- 1st and 2nd Announcement
- Brochure
- Agenda
- Final Programme
- Abstract Book
- Posters
- Penguin panels
- Mashes
- Accreditations
- Invitations to various events  

We can provide any type of catering service: work lunches, coffee breaks, cocktail parties, formal dinners, gala dinners.

Social programme
We can organise topic-tailored parties, gala dinners, trips, entertainment, awarding ceremonies, concerts, ...

Keeping track of lecture attendance and notification of participants
Lecture attendance can be kept track of using our own software and QR codes displayed on participants’ accreditations. The software in reference also allows for a constant participants’ notification (provided that they have a Smartphone).

Event evaluation
On Your request, the event can be evaluated using the satisfaction survey. The survey can be carried out on the spot or via an e-mail upon the event wrap-up. Smartphone users can also be interviewed using the ORIGIGI application.

Additional services

Exhibitions and sponsorships
Packages intended for sponsors are designed in a meticulous fashion. We assume the responsibility for the entire communication with potential sponsors and take care of the financial sponsorship management. Exhibition premises are decorated as pre-planned; if so requested by our clients, we can also see to the stands.

Technical equipment renting
To best serve Your needs, the latest top-quality technical equipment shall be provided on the spot.

On site management

On top of the Project Manager, each and every client has a whole team at disposal, involved into the event preparation from Day 1, that is to say, from the event planning to its realisation stage. Such a highly professional team backs You up throughout the event. Each segment of the PCO process is overseen by appointed person, who controls and coordinates the rendering of the entire service package.

We can organise the delivery of event-relevant materials, conference bags’ filling, and ensure exhibition premises and poster panels. We also assume responsibility for the Registration Desk organisation and prepare day-to-day agenda and check lists.

We also ensure an Info Desk open for any questions the participants might have. We coordinate congress hall timelines and availability and catering services, and personally welcome guests and keynote speakers.

We also organise transfers to the event venue.