Virtual meetings

We have launched a successful digital transformation to quickly adapt to new conditions in the market.
With the application of new technologies and digital tools, we remain the leading PCO in the Croatian market.
When planning a virtual or hybrid event, it is important to choose the right format and technology, customize content, agenda and communication channels, to meet and achieve the goals of participants, speakers and sponsors.
Our competitive advantage stems from many years of expertise as a PCO in the organization of the most complex business meetings and superior production solutions.




Chroma Key

We offer technological solutions and tools rarely encountered in our market. We are able to organize virtual events where the complete discussion takes place in the Chroma Key studio. The Chroma Key studio is used for events where no more than 3 interlocutors participate at the same time. In this way, it is possible to make several smaller studios and through several cameras, combine them into one comprehensive experience  for the participants.